U.S. Installed Base Data

PMI offers access to detailed x-ray equipment installation data in an easy to use format for executives working within the medical imaging sector. Our deep understanding of local and national data sources help our clients to utilise trade data effectively for:

  • Market Analysis: to support with U.S market analysis
  • Competitor Intelligence: to support with understanding competitor activity
  • Benchmarking: understanding your business within the national context
  • Forecasting: to enrich predictive modelling and forecasting processes
  • Planning: supporting planning and decision making


Data is sourced directly from installation form submissions made to government institutions and regulators. These forms offer the most granular and detailed view of x-ray equipment installations.


Under Federal Law, it is mandated that the installation of diagnostic x-ray systems and components are required to be reported to government institutions and regulators for the purpose of certification, monitoring and compliance testing.


Our pricing options seek to offer cost-effective solutions within your budget.

Data point

  • Installation volume


  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual


A range of installation volume data segmentations are available, including:

  • Installation date
  • City and State
  • Facility e.g. hospital / university / clinic / imaging centre etc.
  • Use case e.g. general radiography / mammography / chest / fluoroscopy etc.
  • Stationary vs. Mobile
  • Digital vs. Analogue
  • Components installed e.g. HV generator / Image Intensifier / Flat Panel Detector

List of use cases covered

A range of use case segmentations are available, including:

  • General Radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
    • General
    • C-arm
  • Computed Tomography
    • CT Head Scanner
    • CT Whole Body Scanner
  • Angiography
  • Podiatry
  • Urology
  • Mammography
  • Chest
  • Chiropractic
  • Dental
    • Intraoral
    • Cephalometric
    • Panoramic
    • CT
  • Bone Mineral Analysis

List of components covered

A range of installed component information is available, including:

  • Control room
  • HV generator
  • Cassette holder
  • Cradle
  • Film changer
  • Image intensifier
  • Flat Panel Detector

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