About Us

Prerequisite Market Intelligence (PMI) is an independent supplier of market intelligence and consultancy services to the global imaging technology industry. Our coverage areas include x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and nuclear imaging technologies.

The 2021 Team | Experienced | Lean | Global | Focused

Stuart Kusta
Principle Analyst
United Kingdom, Swindon
Jinwon Yoon
Healthcare Analyst
South Korea, Seoul
Rani Khatun
Research Support
Bangladesh, Khulna

Stuart has approximately 10-years commercial experience across the Insurance, Energy and Healthcare industry sectors. This includes 5-years as Senior Analyst within Helthcare Technology as well as 3-years as experience as an Executive Officer at Greenstorc and Humana Capital. His education includes a BSc degree in Economics from Loughborough University.

Jinwon has approximately 3-years industry experience as Healthcare Data Analyst working on big data and artificial intelligence initiatives with an emphasis on deep learning and neural networks. She brings strong data analysis and visualisation skills to the team as well as expertise in AI-driven software solutions for diagnosis and digital pathology.

Rani graduated in 2015 with a BA Economics from one of the leading Universities in Bangladesh. She has valuable proven experience in providing research and administrative support for major projects across the IT, real estate and healthcare sectors. Her passion, commitment and dedication make her a highly valuable member of the team.

The Healthcare Opportunity

The healthcare ecosystem is abundant with economic and commercial opportunities with healthcare technology vendors anticipated to take centre stage in unlocking and capturing these opportunities. The high growth potential of the healthcare technology industry has attracted new cross-industry stakeholders and due to a combination of a fluidly evolving technological landscape as well as increased rapidity of change, having access to comprehensive market and competitive intelligence is paramount for decision makers in today’s commercial environment.

PMI was established by industry Analyst, Stuart Kusta, in response to the heightened demand for high-quality market research and competitive intelligence. PMI seeks to deliver first-class research products and services that provide customers with actionable insights, supporting them with their strategic planning and development objectives. Drawing upon our deep industry-specific expertise as well as regional market acumen, PMI is able to provide a suite of tailored, comprehensive and integrated research solutions.

Our team is here to support you with:

  • Your market, competitive and industrial intelligence initiatives
  • Your strategic planning and business development initiatives
  • Delivering robust and comprehensive market assessments
  • Delivering real-time insights on market and competitor developments
  • Your strategic expansion through M&A activity including strategy and screening

What are our clients saying so far?

PMI provides me with data driven market insights and analysis, as market events occur, rather than reporting on what is already well-understood.

Service Director, CT Imaging Platforms

PMI’s market data has helped me to refine my 2025 product roadmap and pro-forma assumptions.

Product Director, Digital Radiography

The installed base data PMI provided has helped us understand how the adoption of technology and market share has evolved over-time.

Marketing Manager, X-ray Products

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