The Global Market for X-ray Detectors for Industrial Applications (2020-2026)

  1. Data file containing:
    • Historical global market data for calendar year 2020
    • 5-year forecast of global market data for calendar years 2021 to 2026
    • Estimates for OEM market sales share (revenue only) for calendar year 2020
  2. Written PDF report containing:
    • Analyst commentary on growth trends and the factors driving market growth
    • Company profiles

Global sales revenue ($USD million), unit volume and average selling price (ASP) are presented for calendar years 2020 to 2026 and segmented by application, X-ray system type, detector technology and detector format to provide a comprehensive and insightful view of the global market. Where possible, historical sales data is reported to PMI by individual OEMs under non-disclosure agreements. This data is used to calculate a historical aggregate global market size for calendar year 2020. Alongside this historical data, a 5-year global sales forecast is generated using a combination of quantitative statistical modelling as well as discussions with senior industry executives to capture their market outlooks and specific industry trends. To complement these datasets a written PDF report is published containing analyst commentary on the growth trends and the factors driving the market growth. This PDF report is designed to offer greater context and insight into the underlying data points. In addition to market-level data and insight, the competitive landscape is assessed, and this report contains company profiles of X-ray detector OEMs as well as selected X-ray system OEMs. These profiles highlight individual companies’ competitive position, market share and product portfolio. The report is designed for executives working within the x-ray imaging sector, particularly those working within a market intelligence, product management, strategy, marketing, or investment function.

Proposed Data Segmentation

Global market data points include sales revenue (USD$ million), unit volume and ASP. These are segmented by product category and detector technology. The drivers of sales growth by each segment will be discussed within the analyst commentary.

ApplicationSub-ApplicationSystem TypeDetector TechnologyDetector Format
AerospaceBattery NDTInlineIGZO TFTFPD
AutomotiveOtherOfflinea-Si TFTLine Scan
FoodCMOSArea Scan
Oil & GasSi Photodiode
HealthPhoton Counting

The Sankey diagram below demonstrates the anticipated market data segmentation. Within the output of the report, each node on the Sankey diagram will represent either sales revenue or sales unit volumes, depending on the data view selected.


Example Graph Outputs
Report Features
  • Historical global market sales data reported directly by OEMs under NDA
  • Data triangulation using a comprehensive range of data sources
  • Market data segmented by application, X-ray system type, detector technology and format
  • Upper and lower bound confidence intervals on forecast data
  • Report delivered by full-time analyst dedicated toward X-ray detector technology
  • Over 400 analyst hours behind the delivery of the report
  • On-demand analyst support following delivery to address ad-hoc questions and queries
  • Quarterly time-series dataset used to drive short-term forecast
Report Advantages
  • Increased accuracy of market sales data compared with other market research suppliers
  • Credible and trustworthy market sales data
  • Increased granularity of market sales data compared with other market research suppliers
  • Increased clarity on market trends by application, detector technology and detector format
  • Deeper insight into fundamental drivers behind market trends
  • Get answers to specific ad-hoc or follow-up questions
  • Increased accuracy of forecast market sales data compared with other suppliers
  • Increased certainty on future demand along with a probabilistic view on future sales
Report Benefits
  • Enriched perspective of global market and growth dynamics for strategic planning
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Clear indicators to maintain or change a course of action
  • Improved forecasting
  • Timely answers to specific need-based queries
Collaboration with OEMs

To calculate market-level data, we are seeking to engage and collaborate with various component and system OEMs to support validating our global market estimates. These OEMs include:

AMS OSRAM3DX-RayTeledyneInnolux
CanonBaker Hughes WaygateHamamatsuChina Star
Detection TechnologyCarestreamSharpChina Electronics
DRTECHComet (YXLON)PanasonicSharp
EcoRayDandong AolongSRILG
FujifilmDandong HuariNUVUSamsung
HamamatsuDongxi InstrumentBOE
iRay TechnologyDÜRRChunghwa
Konica MinoltaGÖPELAIV-BEX
MX ImagingITW (North Star)
RayenceMarietta NDT
Teledyne DalsaMettler Toledo
TrixellNac Testing
VarexNikon Metrology
VieworksNordson Dage
X-scan ImagingNordson MATRIX
Excelitas TechnologiesOmron
Pi Imaging TechnologyPuxi
Pony IndustrySANDT
VJ Technologies
This is not an exhaustive list although provides an overview to the desired OEM engagement.

Important note: OEM sales data shared with PMI is treated as strictly confidential and is not disclosed to any third-party source. OEM data is used exclusively to calculate the aggregate market size and market share data is not published within the output of this project.

Research Process

Engage with industry stakeholders: the first stage is to engage with industry stakeholders to discuss and understand their needs from a research project. This process helps to create the desired data specifications and core deliverables.

Primary data collection: once the project scope is agreed upon, PMI seeks to collect sales data directly from OEMs under NDA agreement. Data directly submitted to PMI forms the basis of our market size calculations and ensures accurate market sizing estimates.

Discussion with OEMs and technology providers: alongside data collection, PMI seeks to engage senior executives in discussion around their perspectives on market growth dynamics. These include executives working within a strategy, market intelligence, product management as well as sales & marketing functions.

Secondary research: data is collected from secondary sources including financial reports, customs trade data, government institutions and regulators. This data is used to augment the data reported directly from OEMs to help validate market data points and assumptions.

Delivery and on-going analyst support: alongside the core deliverables, project delivery includes a presentation to highlight the key findings of the research, followed by a Q&A session to answer customer questions. Once the data and report are delivered, analyst support is provided to help customers maximise value from the project.

  • Delivery of this report is expected to occur during in Q4 2021.
Our Value Guarantee

We are passionate about delivering market and competitive intelligence to our clients. Our number one priority is to ensure that we are delivering value and that our clients are satisfied with our products and services. If you are not satisfied with the report or have a problem, we will solve it. This might mean providing you with additional research and insights or another body of analysis. We guarantee to our clients that we will add value.

About PMI

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