Neusoft, Q1 2021, Sales Results

In April, Neusoft published its financial results for Q1 2021. These show that sales grew explosively during the quarter, compared with Q1 2020, although remained lower than Q1 2019. Total sales reached CNY ¥1.74 bn, compared with CNY ¥0.91 bn in Q1 2020, an increase of approximately +30% year-on-year.

Company Biography

Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd. (Neusoft Medical) is a leading global clinical diagnosis and treatment solution provider. Headquartered in China, with subsidiaries in the United States, Dubai, Peru, Russia, Brazil, Kenya, Germany, Korea, Thailand and a representative office in Vietnam. Neusoft Medical is constantly innovating its portfolio of medical imaging diagnosis and clinical solutions in CT, MRI, DSA, XR, PET/CT, RT, US and IVD. Neusoft Medical also is developing MDaaS (Medical Devices & Data as a Service), a strategic product line built using the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, combined with other technologies improving medical institutions’ ability to diagnose and treat patients, achieving operational excellence. Innovation is always the driving force of Neusoft Medical. The global R&D centers are located in Houston, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou and Nanjing. Neusoft Medical is collaborating with global scientists and medical institutions dedicated to advancing the technology of medical imaging solutions. Together with 38,000 installations in more than 100 countries, Neusoft Medical provides advanced, high-quality medical imaging solutions to patients around the world. Neusoft Medical is dedicated to becoming an excellent value innovator of global healthcare services. Through innovation and excellent operations, Neusoft Medical Systems is advancing healthcare products across a wide range of medical solutions and services to enhance global healthcare to all.

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