EOS Imaging, Q1 2021, Sales Results

On April 20th, EOS Imaging published its financial results for Q1 2021. These show that sales grew at an explosive pace during the quarter which reached €5.59m, compared with €3.77m during Q1 2020, an increase of almost +50% year-on-year. The growth during the quarter was driven by an increase in equipment sales as well as growth in recurring maintenance revenue. Sales from new equipment sales increased to €2.3m (4 systems), up from €0.7m (2 systems) in Q1 2020. In addition, the company reported €3.3m in recurring revenues, up +7%, driven by +13% growth in maintenance revenues. From a geographical perspective, sales growth was driven by increased revenue from the EMEA, NAM and LATAM regions, partially offset by lower revenue from the APAC region. In addition to revenue growth, the companies order book grew by €2.3m during the quarter, reaching €19.7m.

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