Trixell Kbis Extract December 2020

About a Kbis Extract

The Kbis extract represents the true up-to-date “identity card” of a company registered with the French Trade and Companies Register (RCS). The document gathers all the information that the company must declare, and mentions, where applicable, the information made by the clerk in charge of keeping this register. A requested Kbis extract must be less than 3 months old .

What does a Kbis extract contain?

The Kbis extract (or Kbis) is the only official document presenting all the information that the company must declare . In other words, the Kbis extract includes all the information entered in the Trade and Companies Register. This includes:

  • the name of the registry;
  • company name, acronym, sign;
  • the identification number (formerly SIREN number);
  • the legal form (SARL, SA, GIE, SCI, etc.);
  • currency and amount of share capital;
  • the address of the head office;
  • the duration of the company;
  • the date of incorporation;
  • the NAF code;
  • detailed activity (text);
  • the function, last name, first name, date of birth, municipality of birth, nationality and address of the main manager, directors and auditors.

What is the Kbis for?

The Kbis (or Kbis) extract is generally requested when:

  • applying for a public call for tenders;
  • opening an account with a bank;
  • purchase of professional equipment from distributors.