The impact of COVID-19 on 2021 sales growth

Image Credit: Pixabay, user name: geralt

The Coronavirus pandemic remains a dominate driver of global economic activity. It has impacted every market globally and it continues to increase short-term uncertainty. Our Q3 2020 sales growth report discusses the outlook for global market sales of medical imaging solutions by major product category and geographical region. The Coronavirus is discussed in detail to explore its likely impact on global market sales during the coming 12-months.

The report reviews the latest global forecasting and medical evidence supporting assumptions regarding the evolution of the pandemic as well as including latest information from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Thought leadership on the evolution of the pandemic is sourced from Dr Mike Ryan (Executive Director, Health Emergencies, WHO), Dr Maria Van Kerkhove (Technical Lead, COVID-19, WHO) and Dr Soumya Swaminathan (Chief Scientist, WHO).

In addition to this medical research, the report contains two topical insights relevant to significant market developments during 2020. The first insight discusses the unprecedented levels of global fiscal stimulus in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and the potential knock-on effects on healthcare budgets impacting the underlying demand for medical imaging solutions. This draws upon that latest research available from the IMF and World Bank. The second, discusses how the Coronavirus pandemic has underscored some of the benefits of using artificial intelligence within the imaging workflow, increasing the urgency in the development and deployment of AI-driven solutions. The focus is on AI within digital radiography and computed tomography workflows as these products have seen surge demand related to the pandemic.